PRESS RELEASE ASPETGA talks to kids about pets, Lecture to summer school students at Colegio Hispanidad in Santa Pola




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ASPETGA talks to kids about pets

Lecture to summer schools students at Colegio Hispanidad in Santa Pola


August 13, 2014 (Santa Pola) – Last Friday, representatives of the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant (ASPETGA) spoke to summer school students aged 4-9 at Colegio Hispanidad in Santa Pola about pet ownership telling the children that a pet is another member of the family to care for, to respect and to never abandon.

“We believe in the importance of educating children to love and to respect animals. This way the children of today will become adults tomorrow who are sensitive to their environment something we believe guarantees a better future for all of us,” says ASPETGA President Olatz Mensua.

Through a presentation based on drawings and photos, Mensua along with ASPETGA Treasurer Belma Canales and Secretary Rosa Garcia spoke about the responsibilities of having a pet. ASPETGA took the opportunity to explain to the kids that pet adoption was a big decision and spoke to them about the best way to bring an animal into the family as well as the importance of adopting and not buying animals.

The children were delighted to interact with Sam, Ellioth, Dora and Sanson, four friendly rescue dogs that accompanied ASPETGA in this talk. The four have been adopted by the ASPETGA members who spoke to the group.

Although the focus of lecture was responsible pet ownership, ASPETGA also spoke briefly to the children about the plight of wild animals held in captivity, such as those working in circuses or on display at zoos.

ASPETGA actively works to foster responsible pet ownership and the goal of these speaking engagements is to impart these values to children. ASPETGA volunteers are available to any school in Santa Pola and Gran Alacant interested in scheduling this type of lecture.



The Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant (ASPETGA) or Asociación de Propietarios de Mascotas de Santa Pola y Gran Alacant is a nonprofit founded by a group of neighbours including a local veterinarian. ASPETGA works to encourage responsible pet ownership in our community by raising awareness of local regulations regarding pet ownership with a special emphasis on the collection of dog droppings. ASPETGA believes in peaceful coexistence between pet owning and non pet owning residents and works to create specially designated dog parks and beaches. In addition, APSETGA programs events to promote canine socialization and good citizenship, organizes competitions and games as well as charitable and fundraising events. Membership is just € 5 per family per year. To join or for more information, please visit


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